Mezcal Security Vehicles (MSV) is one of the elite suppliers of armored vehicles. We earned that reputation by presenting the finest armoring technology. We dedicate ourselves to deliver the best armoring resolutions for our clients. Keeping up to date with fresh market trends and upgrading our armoring concepts and technology as well as materials according to it. And this brands us one of the innovative designers and manufacturers in the world of armored cars. Our technicians comprehend special care of the luxurious interiors and components of the vehicle. Remarkably so that the customer can enjoy the same comfort offered by the stock vehicle.

Customers usually hand us out the vehicle for armoring, or request us to arrange. We have more than fifty qualified engineers who venture to immaculate their craftsmanship. Choosing Class-leading raw materials for both opaque and transparent areas guaranty a supreme feeling in terms of safety for customers, even in militaristic environments.

Currently, we are using industrial standard armoring materials available on the market. Quality Control and Quality Assurance are significant aspects of each production process at Mezcal Security Vehicle. Each module of the vehicle goes under the microscope for various inspections for meeting the international guidelines and standards. We conduct quality assurance from the beginning of the process to the closing stages. This includes assessment of the pristine chassis, ballistic materials, pre-production inspection review, post-production and pre-delivery. Authorized quality control engineers test the vehicle for reliability, comfort, and safety.

We undertake special note on vehicle's original appearance. Discretion comes extremely handy to a vehicle since it allows it to blend into the civilian traffic and help it not to be spotted as a potential threat or target. We are proud of the fact that our efforts have been protecting the lives of many, even in the utmost hostile and warlike environments.

We regard our customer's interest as our highest responsibility. Hence, we complete our work before schedule and deliver a flawless solution. Customer satisfaction is our foremost aspiration. Feedbacks from customers are valuable and we collect it, and profit from it from time to time, to improve our already imposing portfolio.

We offer distinct levels of armoring technology. You can choose from any of the armoring levels, namely B4, B6 and B6+. Additionally, Each of the standard levels can be modified to meet the requirements of the client. Head to our armoring level section to learn more.

You may be under the impression that armoring of any vehicle would massively affect the vehicle's performance, but you are wrong! The added weight does not affect the overall vehicle comfort and performance, thanks to the breathtaking engineering expertise we carry out at Mezcal Security Vehicles. And we carefully execute the upgradation of brakes and suspensions in order to match the original stock attributes. Quality Control examines each part of the vehicle for defects. We document each process at Mezcal Security Vehicles and record it for future references and to guarantee our clients that they are getting the best in the business.

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