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How Do We Armor a Vehicle?

A suitable car is required to perform armoring service (Land Cruiser, Tundra etc). Mostly, customers hand us out the vehicles for armoring or we arrange the vehicles for them. The following are our standard procedures

1. Mezcal's armoring process begins by practically taking the vehicle down to its bare metal

2. The interior is completely stripped out and each module is assigned an identification number

3. Protection for Floor is performed and it would keep occupants safe from IED-type bombs

4. Discreet armor plating on doors and sides ensures that the vehicle can easily blend in with the traffic

5. Protection for The engine compartments and modules make sure that the vehicle would continue to be driven even in the hostile situations

6. Mezcal's OEM inspired Bullet-resistant glass replaces the factory-installed windows

7. Upgradation for Suspension and Brakes is performed according to the necessity

8. Run-flat tires are installed to keep the vehicle running even in the war-like environments

9. The Vehicle is restored to its original appearance with the discrete armor plating

10. New Additional and Auxiliary Features are installed according to the client's interest

How Much Does It Cost to Armor a Car?

Well, It depends on the client's requirements and specifications

The cost of armoring mainly depends on the base car you choose for armoring (Like land cruiser, ford f550 etc)

They are different degrees of armoring protection levels available. Cost varies according to the armor level you choose from. Current Market Standard-Levels are B4, B4+, B6, B6+ and B7 (According to CEN, head to our Armouring Levels to learn more). The cost of armoring a car is cheaper at B4 but gets higher when you go up the ladder

To Summarise, The Total Cost of an Armored Car = Cost of the Stock Car + Cost for the Armoring service (according to armoring level you choose, plus additional requirements) + Shipment (If needed)

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What are the Advantages of Choosing Mezcal?

Mezcal Armored Vehicles is one the most reliable manufacturers of armored vehicles. And we earned that trust by committing ourselves to satisfy our customer requirements

We have flexible armoring schemes that can be completely customized according to the client's interest

We have a dedicated shipping-team who is willing to send vehicles to any region of the world

In-House Designers and Certified QC Engineers

Highly Qualified and Experienced Workforce

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