Matta Cobra



This venerable workhorse is based on the undeniable legacy of the TLC 70 series that provides the rock-solid foundation for what is the ultimate vehicle of choice when reliability, durability, and ease of maintenance are mission-critical elements for working in the world's harshest conditions.
The durability of this 6x6 is surpassed only by its breath-taking three-tonne payload capacity. This Chassis drive configuration of two separately driven rear differential supplied from single input dual output power divider for maximum articulation without 'hanging axle phenomena' and eliminating potentially catastrophic load weight shifting/bearing onto only one axile.
Call us to get a quote immediately or use the Make an inquiry option on the right side. Please note that the pictures showed are not armored, but Mezcal Security Vehicles can apply the armoring levels of B4, B6 or B6+ and meet the professional requirements of the customer. The Vehicle also goes by the name of 6x6 Landcruiser Cash in Transit (LC90 Double Cabin)

Capacity: 4 persons (2+2)
Toyota 4.5L V8 turbo diesel 248 HP 392 ft. lbs. torque
MDT/NSV 6x6 chassis Double Cab
Wheelbase 3,640 mm
Dual air-conditioning systems
HD Coil Springs and shock absorption - Rear Suspension
HD Coil Springs and Shock absorption - Front Suspension
Standard Fuel Capacity - 90 Liters
Armored Enhancements
Possible Armoring Level Available: b4/b6/b6+

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