Armored Nissan Patrol



 Nissan patrol is a Luxury 4x4, Off Road Vehicle. Nissan Patrol has a proud history of the reputation for versatility, capability, and extreme performance. As you soon as you start the engine you would find that distinct sense of refinement and the exceptional comfort through ground-breaking technology.

We offer armoring solutions for the Vehicle. Armoring such a high-class car is an arduous job due to its power and dynamic aeroacoustics. Nevertheless, we successfully managed to design and armor Nissan Patrol without any significant loss in performance. You can expect the same comfort and luxury even after our armoring process thanks to our engineers' expertise in technical skills. 

You can provide us the vehicle for armoring or request from our stock. In addition to the standard armoring, additional custom modifications are also possible. Such as changing the color or fitting an extra equipment for auxiliary support etc.

Model: 2014
Engine Type: 5.6L V8
Output: 400 hp
Dimensions: W - 1,995mm | L - 5,140mm | H - 1,940mm
Wheelbase: 2,850 mm
Drive Configuration: 4WD
Airbags (Driver & Passenger)
Rear View Monitor and Around View Monitor
Seats: 7 (2+3+2)
Armored Enhancements
Recommended Armoring Protection Level: B6
High-Strength Lightweight Armor Plating For Passenger Compartments
For Windshield & Door Windows: Multi-layered Ballistic Glass
Multi-layered and Polycarbonate Coating for transparent areas
Firewall: Minimal, Yet Large pieces of Overlapped Ballistic Material
Roof and Floor Armor plating using High-intensity MIG Welding
Reinforced Doors and Pillars with Heavy-duty Hinges
Protection for the Fuel tank, Tailpipe, Radiator, Battery and the Control Module of the Engine
Suspension and Brake System upgradations to compensate the additional weight of the Armor
Run Flat Tyres

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