Armored Ashok Leyland Falcon



 Ashok Leyland is one of the world's top commercial vehicle manufacturer for good reasons; reliability and efficient design. MSV's armored solution for the Ashok Leyland Falcon gives it a tremendous protection against unsuspected threats during mass passenger transport in hostile environments. This armored bus gives the ability to transport large groups in assured security while being easy to drive and control with a 6 Cylinder Turbocharged inter cooled diesel engine punching 180 HP power and 595 Nm of torque. It's wide doors and easy steps help in getting on and off easier. There are optional internal camera systems at the front and rear to help the driver for better security.

Model: 2014 / 2015 / 2016
Engine: 5,759 cc 6 Cylinder Turbocharged inter cooled diesel
Output: 180 hp @ 2400 rpm with 595 Nm @ 1600 rpm of torque
Gear System: 5-speed Synchromesh / 6-speed synchromesh
Seat Arrangements: 42 (2x2) | 45 (2x2) | 66 (3x2) | 83 (3x3)
ABS, LED Route board, CD player, Ventilators, Air Conditioner
Armored Enhancements
Armored Protection Level Applicable: B4 or B6
Integrated armor plating for low-profile appearance
Roof and Floor Armor plating using High-intensity MIG Welding
Protected fuel tanks, batteries tailpipe and ECUs
Protection for Cargo Area
Tinted ballistic windows for windshield and door windows
Suspension and Brake System update according to the additional weight of the Armor
Run Flat Tyres

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