Armored Mercedes Benz S Class S500



 The S500 sedan is the first class choice for VIPs such as Presidents and High Political Figures. Owing to the fact that Mercedes-Benz S-Class S500 completes your high-class profile. It can proffer pleasant hot massage through seats while adjusting the suspension for upcoming humps and bumps before you even realize it (at times you won't, by the way!). This is just an example. Furthermore, sedan's optional Magic Body Control is awesome. Utilizing a windshield-mounted camera, the car detects bumps and other imperfections in the road ahead and automatically adjust the air suspension to compensate. The vehicle can also monitor 360 degrees around itself and can alert the driver to avoid possible dangers. A feature that can offer VIPs a strong feeling wherever they are headed. 

 Armoring such a high-class car is an arduous job due to its power and dynamic aeroacoustics. Nevertheless, we successfully managed to design and armor S500 without any significant loss in performance. You can expect the same comfort and luxury even after our armoring process thanks to our engineers' expertise in technical skills. However, there is no compromise on the safety, cuz here at Mezcal, we prioritize safety over everything.

 Armored S500 is the finest choice for VIPs without any doubt. It can deliver performance, comfort, luxury and safety, unlike any other vehicles in its class. You can provide us the vehicle for armoring or request from our stock. In addition to the standard armoring, additional custom modifications are also possible. Such as changing the color or fitting an extra equipment for auxiliary support etc. Please note that We recommend B6 protection level.

Engine Model: 4.7-liter Twin-Turbocharged V8
Output: 335 Kw @ 5,500 rpm, 700 Nm of Torque
Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus
Closing Aid For Doors And Luggage
Electrically Adjustable Seats with Memory Function
Active Parking Assist
Brake Assist Plus and Cross-Traffic Assist
Rear Impact Warning and Protection System
Multi-Information Display Dock
Armored Enhancements
MSV`s In-house Design that Prevents Bullets from passing through door locks and gaps
Unibody Inspired Extensive Armor Plating
Armor plating for Roof and Floor
High Strength Armor Plating for Passenger Compartments
Heavy Ballistic Glass Door Windows
Reinforced Doors and Hinges
Reinforced Windshield: Ballistic Glass inside Polycarbonate material
Run Flat Tyres

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