Armored GMC Savana Cash-In-Transit



 GMC's Savana is a Full-Size Passenger van and GMC has built it with precision and attention to every detail. The vehicle can be transformed into a reliable Cash-In-Transit (CIT) transport. GMC Savana features ample space, advanced technologies, and proven performance. Savana puts everything you need within reach of the driver and co-passenger. The armored GMC Savana is the ideal low profile and inconspicuous vehicle for CIT/Valuables/Cargo transport in critical times when you must blend in with civilian vehicles in urban areas. With a powerful V8 Engine at your disposal, this vehicle will quickly and safely get the personal/corporate possessions out of harm’s way when it's necessary.

 We offer customized armoring solution for the vehicle. MSV's in-house design perfectly embrace the full armor plating of the vehicle. Using class-leading materials on the market makes sure the safety of the personal/corporate possessions even in the utmost warlike environments. OEM components such as suspension and brake systems are upgraded so that the vehicle would feel the same even after bearing the added weight of armor. We offer custom modifications to the large area behind the driver's and co-passenger's seat according to the client's interest. Additional custom modifications are also possible such as changing the color or fitting extra auxiliary components etc.

Model Year: 2015 / 2016
Engine Type: 6.0L / 6.5L V8
Output: 325 hp
Dimensions: W - 2,017mm | L - 5,690mm | H - 2,073mm
Wheelbase: 3,429 mm
Drive Configuration: RWD
Seats: 2 (Driver + Co-Passenger)
Armored Enhancements
Armoring Protection Level Applicable: B4 / B6
Preeminent Roof and Floor Armor Plating
Class-Leading Industrial Standard Armor Plating Service with Addons
Premium ballistic glass for doors and windshield
Suspension components are upgraded to compensate for additional weight of the armor
Run flat Tyres

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